Day Two: DESC Summer Institute

100_2551It’s not often that you get to learn about a new product from the person who created it, but that’s how today started with Bob Onsi (mastermind of Discovery Education Science Connection) giving a great overview of the content in Science Connection.  For those interested, below is the Curriculum Connection document Bob shared with us (PPT coming soon).

Download ScienceConnection_CurriculumCoverageMarch2007.pdf

After a morning full of DESC content, we ventured out for some field experience in Valley Forge National Park.  Lots of interesting connections to middle school science instruction plus we saw tons of deer as promised 😉

This evening we covered some of the professional development resources you can use to get your colleagues excited about the program.  For a great kickoff, show the video below. 

Download science.wmv

The STAR DEs who will be leading this blog also had a chance to get together and discuss ideas for the coming school year.  Lots of great ideas and much more to come.  We’re all getting ready for the morning sessions and a much anticipated presentation from Steve "Jake" Jacobs.  Stay tuned.



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  1. Barbara De Santis said:

    Lance mentioned the Interactive training would be ready soon- and he was correct! I just viewed the material and it great- some lecture and I liked the intergration of the hands on “try” activities. After this, teachers should be at home with DESC and able to find resources.

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