How are you sharing the DEN with others?

The challenge is here… what are you doing to help boost South Carolina’s STAR Educator membership? If you are not sure what the challenge is … Scott Kinney, Director of DEN challenged the SC Leadership to raise membership to 100 members by SC Ed Tech (October 24, 2007). Presently, we have 71 STAR Educators. We CAN do this! Are you up for the challenge?

We all know the DEN is a wonderful network to belong to so SHARE it with other educators! The more we share the more we will all learn from one another.

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with a large number of educators, mainly MediaImg_1102 Specialists (ITS’s), in Richland One.  I met with them through "Learning Walks." Groups of 10 educators went from area to area to learn about a "new" technology or opportunity. My area was "Get Discovered…Be a STAR!" The educators were amazed at what was available FREE of charge. I have to say my learning walk would not have been as successful if it weren’t for Scott Kinney and Brad Fountain. Thank you guys for helping me make educators VERY happy with their treats.

So what are you doing to share the DEN? Add a comment of how you are sharing with your fellow teachers and educators.

Remember if you have helped anyone be a STAR let me know!


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  1. marcy mickelson said:

    I gave a back to school inservice on United Streaming using the training kits – which helped make my presentation very professional. I raffled off the Planet Earth DVD and DEN lab coat I received at the SCeTV DEN Dinner along with items from the training kit. The teachers wrote down one way they will use United Streaming in their classrooms on cards that I used for the drawing.

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