Check It Out!

Congratulations to Lora Hall the hard working folks at Glencliff High School in Nashville, TN!

Success stories like this one give us hope for true education reform by caring individuals who are open to real change agent ideas.

Here is a portion of the story that implies we at Discovery Education ThinkLink Assessment played a role in true academic improvement for high schoolers.

Glencliff had a very low passing rate — 42 percent — for the algebra Gateway test. We created an after-school teacher sharing group with our math teachers. We implemented ThinkLink, a diagnostic tool that identified the individual strengths and weakness of each student.

Teachers began to share best practices. Teachers, who were more successful teaching certain algebraic skills, shared their talents and ideas with their colleagues.

At the end of our first year with this format, our algebra Gateway scores increased to 62 percent passing. Three years later, our passing rate on the algebra Gateway is 80 percent.

A good day for teachers, parents, and students in Nashville. Donna



  1. Lynn Burdick said:

    This is so great! Can we find out more about this? I have a new group of teachers I’m working with that includes high school teachers. As this is new territory to me, I could sure use some help. What grade levels are being tested? With only an 11th grade test in Illinois, could this be done? Would the 11th grade test give us the information we need at 9th and 10th grade? Lynn

  2. Donna Neblett said:

    Good questions, Lynn. It my understanding that IL high school students needed a practice test that covered both ACT and the technology aspect of graduation. Our Discovery test for IL high schools is one test that assesses both areas, basically a practice for the Prairie State Exam. It may be given in 9th, 10th, or 11th grades but is geared toward 11th grade exit. The results show where the student is compared to where they should be after completion of the 11th grade. We have also developed a “College Readiness” program that is strictly ACT practice. Donna

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