Have you discovered iGoogle paired with Discovery products?

iGoogle (located at http://www.igoogle.com) allows you to customize your Google experience. After initial setup when you visit google.com as usual, you will now have an option to login.
This will bring you access to feeds, online gadgets, etc. all in one web location. The following Discovery links are available:

  • Discovery News
  • Discovery News – Planet Earth
  • Discovery News – Technology
  • Discovery News – Animals
  • Discovery News – Space
  • Discovery News – Health
  • Discovery News – History
  • Discovery News – Travel
  • Discovery News – Archaeology
  • Discovery News – Dinosaurs
  • Discovery HD Theater
  • Discovery Channel Video Podcasts
  • Discovery Channel Top Highlights

I have just customized my google experience in igoogle.com. Now I have access to several Discovery products, a paris webcam, google calendar, google documents, a calculator, an online translator, weather updates and more. Each of these tools comes to me whenever I visit google and login on the right. The possibilities seem so, so vast.


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    I, too, use iGoogle as my homepage. I have the Discovey News – Technology feed. There is also a feed to David Warlick’s 2 cents blog. You can also create a widget to compile your favorite links, so of course the DEN is on my list as well as Sega Tech.

  2. atruger said:

    I use igoogle as well. My links include to my google reader for all of my blogging updates,Various disney news sites, hangman, movie showtimes for my town, weather, and my gmail.

    I love having everything in one place!

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