My Wacky and Wild Whirlwind Tour!

My Wild and Wacky Whirlwind! Ahhh…. How good it feels to be sitting back in my home office! What a wild and wacky whirlwind of a summer! I have been so naughty with posting… that I thought it was time to take a moment and point out some of the exciting events I have attended this past summer. The California LC got summer off my soaring to new heights with a visit to NASA’s JPL Open House. Great job to Sarah Johangiry for organizing our event, complete with goodie bags filled with “Starbursts” “Milky Ways” “Orbitz” and much more. Over 20 DEN members and their families attended! Check out these great photos from the event.

After a trip to our LA office to have my computer “fixed” I managed to have all my files deleted which included some TERRIFIC photos of the next CA event a trip to the Cabrillo Aquarium for a Grunion Run! Terrific job to Katie Warren for organizing over 100 DEN members, their families, and their students! We even had a bon-fire…. Wish you could see the pics… but a HUGE THANK-YOU to Chris Hunter for sending me this link of our Discovery Educators learning the “Grunion Dance” at our private question and answer session!

Next on my whirlwind tour, I headed out East for the 1st National Institute held in DC. What an exciting time to host 40 STAR educators at Discovery’s headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. Highlights included a private tour of DC, catching fireflies (yes this is exciting to all of us from the West Coast where fireflies don’t light up our yards), and a special visit from a Shark Week producer complete with a special advanced screening. 3 days later I was in Georgia for the NECC conference. A huge thank you to Jennifer O’Brien for helping organize a great DEN dinner with over 200 attendees. Check out these photos from our event….

2 weeks later, we were off and running again… or should I say cruising! But before we left port one my dreams came true with a trip to Disney World and Epcot Center with a few of our DEN STARs.

1 week later, back east I was again for “THE” ROUGEUX wedding! Very exciting time by all… even got to see my first groundhog… Thanks Scott for pointing that out! (Hmm…. Should I mention my trip to the Emergency Room after being attacked by a dog… I’ll save it for later….) To see photos from the Rougeux wedding and congratulate the newlyweds visit this post

1 week later, we were singing “Rice-A-Roni the San Francisco Treat” as we literally flew through the streets of San Francisco on our chartered trolley (let’s just say the movie “Bullet” has nothing on our trolley driver) Here are some pictures that summarize our 3  institutes…. Enjoy!

Now I sit in my quiet office… it really isn’t the same than being surrounded with the bustling activity of our extraordinary DEN members. Thank you to everyone I had the pleasure of working with this summer! You made it one to remember! I look forward to all of our adventures in the 07/08 school year. Perhaps, Lance and I will need to get a tour bus to keep up with all of you!

P.S. Thanks to the TN Leadership Council for sending out this hilarious back to school e-card to their members… thought ya’ll would enjoy a good laugh too!


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