Real Fun in Virtual World

Signwelcome The Premiere Gala Event was held at the DEN building in Second Life.  Put together by the very real hard work of the SL leadership cadre, it is a spectacular place. Fountains, lights of fire, a holo emitter on the roof (set for a New England fall), and a view of the island volcano. Robo-bartenders served –milk was an option– and give-aways included t-shirts, laptops, jackets and Colorfountain2_2randomly awarded prizes.  unitedstreaming played on a wall. Riptide Furse welcomed members at the ribbon cutting as color fountains fired off.  No party is a real party without dancing, and dancing there was.  Rock and roll played and members could dance with a simple touch of the globe provided by Laelia Laval . Click below to download an iPod ready video of Apophene Singh and Fisher Little dancing in a crowd which include aReal Loon. All these are SL names, so the dancing was uninhibited. At the end, notice a little line dancing from some avatars who came prepared.  The Partygroupg party was crowded.  Thank heavens for the teleports that sent you to the roof for some holo-solitude.  Like any real party, some avatars had a hard time stopping drinking -some detachment was required–and dancing.  Join Dancestill the DEN in Second Life.  Next, we’ll visit the Tsunami.  Since this is Media Matters, I’ll note the video was made with SnapzPro on a Mac and tweaked in QuickTime Pro.  The blogging was done from a PC.  The camera angles are courtesy of Second Life. You can hear cameras snapping and the tapping of keyboards as dancers chat. You might catch a glimpse of a message.  It was exported from QT Pro to the iPod format (m4v), which shrank it from 71 megs to 18 megs. A shareable size.  Open it in QuickTime.  If you click on it, iTunes will launch. Next time: Pictures and captions!Download sl_dancex.m4v


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Hall, let me be the first to congratulate you on a great video! How did you get all the great camera angles? I noticed at the DNI in Silver Spring that Steve Dembo was able to change camera angles also. I haven’t figured that one out. And yes, the dancing does seem somewhat uninhibited! I had a good time meet a few people as well. Sorry I didn’t find you!

  2. Steve Dembo said:

    Tim, there are two ways: One is to go to the View menu and turn on Camera Controls. That will bring up a menu that you can click on to move the camera away from you. The other way is to use the keyboard shortcuts. I can’t remember exactly what it is, but I think it’s something like ctrl-shift and then holding down the mouse button and moving around on the PC. Play around with it or look through the help menus!

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    Right, Steve. The advantage of you Central and Eastern time zone guys is that you are up while we on Linden time sleep. Or Twitter, depending on the individual. I played around with several videos. The tricky part was anticipating where the action would be. When you screen capture, you generally box out a section of screen. Which the action sometimes drifts out of. I have some great clips of Demb-Oh dancing, and aReal Loon too, but they’re short. I thought the disco shot from the ceiling was worth the cut.

  4. Jannita Demian said:

    WOWIE! What an incredible experience the launch party was…. I have never seen so much hustle and bustle! Feel off the ceiling a few times… no I was not drinking… but I was just SOOO IMPRESSED with the Second Life Leadership Council! They have done an incredible job organizing themselves, the house, and one GALA event to be remembered!

  5. Hall Davidson said:

    Hah! Nice tag, Heather. But I knew some of those things about you already….and as a guy with the name of Hall Davidson, I have heard the Harley connection before 🙂

  6. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    Hey, thanks for showcasing my amazing dancing abilities! I would like to also thank the rest of my danceline. You made me look good. WE ROCK! ~Path Back

  7. Hall Davidson said:

    Patricia, Careful–you are giving away your SL handle for eagle-eyed video viewers. 🙂 And, nice dancing with you! Like many people who see themselves on video, I realize I need to lose weight. I am simply too big.

  8. Nancy said:


    HELP!!! (from the ‘gurl’ who can pull her leg over her head! LOL)

    I’m in SL and am trying to do some videotaping. What would you recommend on a PC? Would you try CamStudio (the FREE version of something similar to what Camtasia has)?

    Thanks a bunch!

    PS Hope to see you at the DEN in SL Costume/Halloween Party on October 28th!

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