The Show Must Go On…

Not wanting to slow the momentum of last night’s FABULOUS DEN in SL Premiere Gala Event, I am creating this post for you to share your comments.  I’ll do a ‘formal’ post tomorrow…let’s just say there was a luncheon today, there was a bad clam, and I ate it!  NOT lol  ūüôĀ


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  1. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    Great event! Thanks for the fun and connections. I am still wearing my winning T! ~Path Back

  2. Caren Appel said:

    What a great time last night! I’m looking forward to wearing my iPod around in SL. “Poppy Offcourse”

  3. joe Brennan said:

    Thank God I got rid of that stone that attached itself to my head, but I think it took my ‘fro with it. Amadeo Writer

  4. Lor said:

    The ipods won will be given out asap. The ipod creator has to give them directly to the winners. I’m trying to get in touch with him now to drop them to your avatar. If you won a tutorial session, please contact the LC leader directly to make your appt. Glad everyone had a great time.

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