DEN in SL Gala not just a "virtual" success!

As a member of the Second Life Leadership Council, I had the opportunity to see the establishment of the DEN presence in Second Life from the ground up.  All the work we’ve done up to this point culminated in a spectacular grand-opening gala which was held Wednesday night.

Slgala We were at capacity, the crowd was excited, and nothing major detracted from the evening as people were able to experience some of the things their avatars can do and experience in the virtual world.  I hope that Texas was well-represented there — though I couldn’t be sure who anyone really was!

If you haven’t tried Second Life, I encourage you to do so.  The opportunities for collaboration and networking that Second Life affords us is so valuable.  If you’ve thought of SL as merely a game, think again — every chance to collaborate with educators from all over the world can potentially cross over into your "real" life and help you develop even more engaging and relevant lesson plans.  Think about the possibilities of conducting classes in collaboration with a class in another part of the world!

Comment to this post with your Second Life name so we’ll recognize each other when we run into each other!  I’m Celestia Cazalet.  Anytime you are in-world, you can see if I’m online or not by visiting the DEN house — if the border around my picture is green, then I’m on and you can page me.  I’ll be happy to help anyone who needs a little guidance in getting around!


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  1. Tim Childers said:

    Elaine/Celestia, thanks for a great night on Wednesday. I came in basically to look around and wound up having a few conversations with friends. Interestingly, I was just as embarrassed to “try out my moves” in SL as I am in RL! My SL name is Lisashusband Writer. See back at the SL DEN.

  2. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    Thanks for the connections and encouragement. SL ROCKS! ~ Path Back

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