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We’ve created a Google Group to provide a forum where DEN in SL members can ask questions, locate resources, etc.  You’ll be able to take advantage of discussion boards; create, edit, and contribute to pages, and upload files (guides, ‘how tos’, tours, etc.) to support each other as you explore the possibilites of Second Life.

Google Groups
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Go right over and check it out at DEN in SL Google Groups and sign up — NOW!!! 🙂  And you can always the members of the group an e-mail at

And don’t forget, when you tell us a bit about yourself in the ^Members^ section to include both your RL and SL names!

BTW…I REALLY NEED PAILEY MCBRIDE to contact me at — I need to change the time/date of our tutorial.  In the frenzy of the evening I forgot to get a RL contact! LOL


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