Premiere Gala Event as Viewed Through the Eyes of Beth Kohnke

I was extremely happy to see the number of people attend the Gala, 63 at any one time at the event, I guess maybe 100 people came through the DEN that evening. Many people were new to Second life. It is wonderful to see educators stretching themselves into new areas, expanding their learning networks and having fun. I had many great conversations (mostly through IM as it is hard to follow such a large chat)  and have already set up some times to show some new DEN is SL members around. Looking forward to getting the next events going and collaborating with such a great bunch of educators.

Post submitted by Beth Kohnke


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  1. darcy said:

    hi all!
    i made it, albeit a little late…had to take the doggie oncologist call before teleporting to the Gala~ she’s doing fine, BTW…
    what a CRAZY time! so glad i had my ears cleaned and tail fluffed~ though i wish i had pasted the “avatar” board discussion earlier…didn’t know Joe was the crazy Amadeo Writer dancing on the first floor, early on…and what’s all this about the poor bartender bot service-couldn’t find one when i wanted…thank god for BYO @ home!
    not sure about making a noon event on Sunday…we may do some ol’fashion movie theater activity~ and week one of school is done!
    love it all. how are we sure what we “won?” it was so crazy to watch while there! and i need to learn some more dance steps…shared some snapshots with my students, now they KNOW i’m a tech geek- if there were any doubts before.

    (aka, Smokster Whitfield)

  2. Scottmerrick Oh said:

    Hey, Beth, and all,

    I missed it too, but caught the good wrap-up at KJ’s blog. I’m managing the Blogger’s Hut at ISTE Island and thought it might be good to note that I just added this blog to the “blogroll” in the hut. If you’re a blogger in ISTE and in SL, feel free to stop by the hut to drop your blog info in the info box and I’ll add a button for it 🙂

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