Tag, I'm it!

     Well, I’ve chuckled as I’ve seen friends "tagged" with a meme. I figured/hoped I was just low enough on the radar not to get named, but Heather from Joisey got me. She also tagged a lot of my usual suspects, but I managed to come up with 8 folks you might enjoy looking in on. It was a little harder coming up with 8 "facts." (Why 8 ?)

First the rules:
Post these rules before you give your facts.
List 8 random facts about yourself.
At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them.
Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they’ve been tagged.

My eight facts:
1. Life has been good to me. I have enjoyed each and every stage, but I am just loving being a grandpa!
2. Latin was my first "second" language.
3. I’m going to learn bluegrass banjo one of these days.
4. I have coached soccer, basketball, track, football, and hockey (drove the Zamboni mostly).
5. The first new car I ever bought was a Gremlin. Should never have sold that Beetle!
6. While running the scoreboard for Chicago’s indoor pro soccer team, I dropped my pen just as the second half was about to start. I ducked down under the control panel to retrieve it and when I popped back up the game had started without me and the clock. The ref had to start the half all over again – on ESPN!
7. When people ask me if I golf, I tell them I’m a defensive specialist.
8. My fantasy job was to play pro basketball in Spain and work on a degree in linguistics. While studying in Spain, a "connected" fellow was going to get me a try out with the Real Madrid basketball team because he and his buddies were disappointed that their American big man was fading. Never got the try out and as it turned out "their American" eventually became a Spanish citizen, played and coached for Spain’s national team, and is generally still a legend in European pro basketball. I did get that M.A. in linguistics, in Illinois.

So now I’m tagging
Ken Wiseman
Howard and Dave Shepherd
Paviter Singh (in Singapore!)
Bernajean Porter
Sarah Lieberman Weisz
Gary Stager
Lori Twiss
The Louisiana DEN (Brad Fountain?)


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