Impact of Web 2.0 on Political Campaigns

I posted a entry about Web 2.0 and Campaign 2008 on my cliotech blog and thought it beneficial for me to share some of those resources with you and solicit the PA DEN’s feedback as well. 

I am in the process of putting together online materials for my students to evaluate the impact of collaborative technologies on political campaigns and citizenship.

I would imagine that many other teachers are also collating resources for similar purposes this year. 

I gathered the following resources on my Online Connections class wiki.

I also embedded a Grazr Google News feed.  (copied below)

Does anyone have suggestions for some other sites that we could use to bring the campaign into the classroom in a meaningful and engaging way for our students?

By the way, I came across a great article in The Christian Science Monitor about the impact of online campaigning, Web 2.0 meets Campaign 2008.


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