LIVE, from DEN in SL…it's Trivia Game Time!!!

Here’s a new one for me…this is a ‘live’ blog.  It’s 12:40 p.m. SLT and I’m currently on the 2nd Floor of DEN in SL HQs with a group of about 20 avatars, including our island manager, Fleet Goldenberg, enjoying a rousing game of Trivia. 

August 18_002

From where I’m sitting, I believe that Zipplestich Bing is the big winner, though I would need Riptide Furse to confirm that.  Let’s hope Zipplestich takes everyone out for dinner after his major winnings!

August 18_003

There were questions ranging from "What trumpeter became the oldest person ever to score a chart-topping single, in 1964?" to "What energy unit is defined as the heat required to raise one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius?" to "What Shania Twain recording became the best-selling country music album ever by a female artist, in 1996?" to "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" to "In Second Life, someone types "afk". What does that mean?"  There were truly questions for all…

Riptide was wonderful as our Trivia MC — cheering the winners, gently prodding those whose answers were close but not quite on target.  Should he ever decide to leave education, we know he can easily get a job on the TV gaming circuit!


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  1. Lor said:

    It was so much fun to watch the Trivia Fun in the DEN in SL. Wow there were some fast typists and quick thinkers. Here’s some more photos of the event. We set up a stage and chairs on the second floor using our holo emitter.

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