Premiere Gala Event as Viewed Through the Eyes of Celestia Cazelet

Heading into the big gala event at the DEN, I was unsure what to expect.  Sure, we had planned and hypothesized and tried to consider anything that might come up, but you never really know until something happens how it’s all going to work out.  I didn’t need to worry!  I showed up a couple of hours early (I thought) to get some decorating done and found the house to already have about 15 people eagerly awaiting the festivities.  The momentum built thoughout the evening until we ultimately maxed out the sim! Everyone was happy, energetic, and very excited to share and get to know each other.  Some were new, others not-so-new, but we all had a common bond!  Anytime we can get a group of educators together is well worth the planning! I’m looking forward to watching the DEN in SL grow!


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