Premiere Gala Event as Viewed Through the Eyes of JessieMarie Flanagan

As we planned and built then demolished and rebuilt things over and over again…I began to wonder if it would all be worth it? Woud anyone ever come see this wonderful, unique place that we had all built? WOW! Was I ever underestimating the power of the DEN! I was simply amazed at how many people showed up at the Gala! It was wall-to-wall avatars, some were obviously brand new and some were seasoned vets, but everyone came with the same purpose: 1) to have fun, 2) to support the DEN, 3) to see what was so special about SL, and 4) to learn. It is simply awesome to be able to visually eavesdrop on some of the most cutting edge educators in the country brainstorming! Tons of fun was had by all that night, especially the LC! We were Skyping while trying to also "chat" with everyone, talk about multi-tasking! It was truely an experience! For those of you who made it ,"Thanks so much for your support!!!" For those of you who wanted to come but RL had to take priority, "we understand, come visit soon!" For those of you who have never been in-world…"What on Planet Earth are you waiting for?!?!?" LOL

We were all newbies once and can completely sympathize with you. The only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask, so please ask away, we are here to help. Hope to see everyone "in world" very soon! HUGS!!! ~JessieMarie Flanagan (AKA: Anne Truger)

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