Ready, Set, Go!

We’re back in full swing at Paint Lick Elementary! The first ThinkLink tests have been given.  My new second graders did a great job bubbling in their answers on the answer sheet for the first time.  Only six out of the twenty-four chose to circle in the booklet first.  I noticed, too, that the choice to write in the booklet for this first test really made these students feel more comfortable with the testing process. I’m curious how many of you are using the paper and pencil version of the test compared to the computer version.  What has been your experience with this?

I’m looking forward to using these ThinkLink scores to support information I’ve already been gathering as the new school year begins.  Through the process of collecting a variety of initial assessments, I hope to target individual needs and watch my students grow throughout the year.  Are you ready?  Let’s go!  Marshia