Winners of the Raffle at the Premiere Gala Event

A fun time was had by all at the Premiere Gala Event.  Those listed below have the added bonus of having won the raffles during the event:

Ahna Rossini won a 1 hour tutorial with Riptide

Peyton Merlin won a 1 hour tutorial with Lor

Pailey McBride won a 1 hour tutorial with Laelia

Smokester Whitfield won a 1 hour tutorial with JessieMarie

Juana Asbrink won a 1 hour tutorial with Celestia

PalomaPaz Carter won a 1 hour tutorial with Beth

Tutorial winners MUST contact their respective tutors to set up dates and times.

The following individuals won ipods:  Poppy Offcourse, Annette Bigdipper, and Vickster Volare, Lanie Homewood, and Cootah Gausman

A gift certificate for L$500 to Casa Del Shai was won by Char Charron

A gift certificate for L$1000 to Digital Dragon was won by Teacha Kidd

And the GRAND PRIZE of a real world SL pendant and necklace and Planet Earth DVD set was won by Lawrey Canning.

Congratulations to all the raffle winners!


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  1. LeGrand said:

    Thanks to Celestia and my one hour tutorial I can now jump over furniture, fly, dance, find the second floor and change my t-shirt faster than a speeding bullet. Thanks Celestia, you are a great teacher!

  2. Lee Kolbert said:

    Wow! How exciting that I won something! I (Teacha Kidd) would love to use the gift certificate I won to Digital Dragon. After all, shopping is what I do best. How do I get the gift certificate?


  3. Lor said:

    Teacha Kidd – if you haven’t already gotten your gift certificate, please contact Riptide Furse.

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