Mac only – Bluetooth file sharing

Well, I have to say that I haven’t owned an Apple computer since my Apple II C, but I wanted to share a neat tip from a few of our fellow DEN members: 
Howard Martin, Austin, TX and Dennis Grice, CA

I didn’t know this, but this may be old news to some of you!  You’ll see all the great uses of this capability—>
Here is an impressive little trick to wirelessly transfer files to
and from Mac via bluetooth. No WiFi connection necessary.
1) Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and both machines are discoverable.
2) Go to the Utilities and open Bluetooth File Exchange.Filetransfer
3) Select the file you want to send to your friends Mac. Click SEND.
4) Select the name of your friend’s computer from the list of available devices. Click SEND.
windows will pop-up on your friend’s computer telling them that you are
sending them a file. All they need to do is click ACCEPT. The file will
be saved on their machine. Is that cool or what?!

Thanks Dennis!
-Dave Kootman


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  1. Vishal said:


    Thanks for this. Where do the files get downloaded on the other computer? Is there a default location

  2. Sean said:

    yeah, look for a folder called “Drop Box”, thats where the files should go

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