Makin’ Movies Webinar

The end of the month/beginning of school has snuck up on me (like it probably has for you) and it’s my turn to do a “summer” webinar on Tuesday. Those sneaky time zones have also caught up to me and when I thought I had 2 hours to get from a school by Midway airport (where I’m facilitating a unitedstreaming inservice) to my home by O’Hare, I’ll have just an hour. Not quite possible under the best of circumstances. So I’ll be pulling a “Hall Davidson any Panera in a storm” and trying my webinar from that mobile location near Midway. It’s been raining here in Chicago about as hard as it snowed in Hershey last February when Hall had to improvise, but I shouldn’t have to pull out my official Jannita “backscratcher” to clear away the precipitation. So tune in Tuesday afternoon/evening (4:00 pm Central) for my first webinar from the road. And unlike the Dembo hype, see how much less I know “about making movies than Lucas, Spielberg and Scorsese combined!”
Click here to register for this webinar.

And as far as “incorporating video of his grandchild in EVERY example,” methinks he doth exaggerate too much!



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