Monthly Pacing Guides and Think Link Learning

The teachers in my school, as well as, teachers across the local school system, have been using Think Link Learning for several years.  Many teachers agree that the assessments provide reliable and specific data that improve classroom instruction and student learning.  Recently, our system has developed monthly curriculum pacing guides and corresponding assessments.  Needless to say, the use of these documents is “strongly encouraged”.  Teachers are held accountable for their students’ monthly results.  Here’s the question that many are asking:  Since both methods provide useful instructional data, how does one successfully balance the usage of monthly pacing guide AND Think Link Learning assessment results in order to help students master state and national standards?




  1. Lynn Burdick said:

    Hi Paula-
    Do teachers reteach as a result of the monthly assessment scores, or are they more summative in nature? If they do reteach, or modify instructional plans, could you consider ThinkLink the summative piece of your assessment package?

  2. Paula said:

    Hi Lynn!

    I think your suggestion is very feasible. Prior to using Monthly Pacing Guide assessments, the teachers used TLL for reteaching, making instructional adjustments, and in many instances, summative testing purposes. I think by utilizing both assessment methods (one formative and the other summative) will allow teachers to maximize student learning! Thanks for the advice!

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