NJ & You- Perfect Together…Again!

(Repost from April, 2007)

Welcome Back!

(Feel free to start humming the theme to Welcome Back, Kotter now, but don’t be mad at me when you’ve still got it in your head 5 hours from now!)

After much anticipation, the NJ DEN is back, & will be better
than ever- but only with your help!  We’ve got a Leadership Council
(see the powerpoint presentation below), but that’s just the
beginning.  We are here to answer questions & offer direction, but
ultimately our goal is to help all of you- our fellow NJ DEN members-
to keep the connections going  with the rest of the DEN Community and to keep the creative juices flowing.  With great deference to Jerry McGuire- "Help us, help you!" 

Stay tuned for email updates & blog postings from your LC about
upcoming events, but PLEASE keep us informed as well, about what you’ve
got going on, what you know is going on elsewhere, & what you would
like to see going on.  Also, we welcome all of you to participate in
this (our state’s) blog as guest authors.  Just email Heather Sullivan whenever you’re interested in posting something yourself, or when you’ve got an idea for a post you’d like to pass along!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the DEN- Oh, the places we will go!!!

Yours in Discovery-

Beverly Plein, Chair

Heather Sullivan, Blog Coordinator

Tonya Wilson, Events Coordinator

Click here to download the ppt

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