Searching for Cool New Apps?

I apologize to the blogger who shared Simple Spark . . . I can’t recall where I read about it, but I wanted to share it here.

Simple Spark:

The Simple Spark Catalog is the place to find all of the really cool web applications, or "apps" that will become an integral part of your life online.

Not only does the Simple Spark Catalog have a comprehensive listing of really cool apps that gets larger every day, but we also give you the tools to organize and share all these apps with your friends. Our catalog is a marketplace where both established companies and independent developers come to strut their stuff.

I’ve already added Simple Spark to my Social Learning wiki page and think it is a nice repository for other Web 2.0 applications and cool widgets.

One of the applications is one that was a subject of one of my recent blog postings on my cliotech blog, Wikiscanner.

So, if you are seeking some cool new Web 2.0 applications, be sure to check out Simple Spark.


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