Work 2.0

Will Richardson pointed his readers to the current issue of Business Week.  The cover read, The Future of Work.   
Last month, I blogged about a Department of Labor report that addressed this very issue, The 21st Century at Work: Forces Shaping the Future Workforce and Workplace in the United States.

Here are a few salient points from the BW article that should be relevant for educators who are preparing the workforce of the future: 

Globalization and technology together are creating the potential for startling changes in how we do our jobs and the offices we do them in. Offshoring, for one, means work can be broken into smaller tasks and redistributed around the world. And the rapid growth of broader, richer channels of communication—including virtual worlds—is transforming what it means to be "at work."

. . . the modern workplace no longer resembles the factory assembly line but rather the design studio, where the core values are collaboration and innovation, not mindless repetition

My school district is currently immersed in a cycle of continuous school improvement, part of which means actively investigating the demands of the 21st century economy and how we can best prepare students to be competitive in the future workplace.  It is not an easy task when considering how fast changes have been occurring in the open-source revolution.  Though, we must undertake this intimidating task if we are to remain a relevant force in the shaping of America’s youth.


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