How To: Create a Notecard

So you’ve been exploring a bit on your own.  You’ve noticed these boxes (or in some cases, other objects) that say something along the lines of:  ‘Drop Your Notecard Here’.  You’d love to, but you have NO CLUE as to how to do so.

I’m here to guide you step-by-step.  It’s really quite easy.  In fact, why don’t you log into Second Life, head over to the DEN in SL Headquarters on EduIsland II (69, 99, 21) and try it out.  The dropbox is located on the Information Desk on the Main Floor.

Directions to Create a Notecard:

1.  Click on ^Inventory^ on the bottom menu.

2.  Click on the ^Create^ tab.

3.  Select ^New Notecard^.

4.  In the window that appears, type a message.

5.  When you’re done, click on the ^Save^ button.

6.  Look in your Inventory in the ^Notecards^ folder.  You now have a notecard titled ^New Notecard^.

7.  Right-click on ^New Notecard^ and select ^Rename^.

8.  The words ^New Notecard^ are high-lighted and you can type in a new title.  Make sure that it’s something that you can easily recognize.

9.  With your Inventory window still open, left-click and drag the ^[whatever you named it]^ notecard into the dropbox on the information desk. 

That’s it!  You’ve just created your first notecard and successfully given it out.


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    is there a way to create a note card through script? in second life

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