TNC'S Walking Tour of EduIsland II Stops by DEN in SL

Posted with permission from Riptide Furse:

Once again the people on the DEN in SL Leadership Council and members of the DEN in SL amazed me.

Last night one of our neighbors, The Teacher Networking Center, held a tour of all of the great facilities on Eduisland II. Showing up at the DEN house to give an overview when the tour arrived were Lor, Celestia and Laelia. I was there also but was locking up. Lor took the lead and along with Cel and Laelia gave the people on the tour more than enough info. I was able to take a load of pictures. While doing this I saw many of the tour participants change their titles to DEN members to show off that they were already members or even STAR educators. More people took tshirts, laptops and jackets.

I believe Laelia put the number of people on the tour at 35.

I have put the pictures of the tour while at the DEN building here

Some of the pictures have already been shown on the Second Life web site.

Another great job!


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