More Digital Storytelling Resources

Thanks to Josh Catone (Read/Write Web) for these resources.

I also posted this on my cliotech blog.

I have been collating digital storytelling resources on my wiki for a little over a year.  The page is very dynamic – lots of alterations based on shared learning.

I just added two new resources that I came across on the Read/Write Web.


With JayCut you can create your own movies and slideshows, so called mixes. It is simple to do and free of charge, alone or together with friends. Finally, you can export the creative masterpiece to YouTube, your computer or your blog.

Click here to learn more about JayCut’s features.  I added JayCut to my list of free online editors (that list includes EyeSpot, Cuts, and JumpCut.)


Plotbot is a web-based collaborative screenwriting application where you can write a screenplay with as many or as few people as you like. Adopting the wiki approach to screenwriting, each element is editable by any member of a project. You can also comment on, delete or restore any element. 

Plotbot appears to have some of the functionality of Celtx, without all of the extra features that may be overwhelming for many students.  I like that Plotbot allows users to manage the accessibility of their projects (private or public).

So, more resources for our digital storytelling toolbox . . .


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