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Thanks to everyone for making the recent Back to School Discovery Days in Lawrenceville, NJ so AWESOME!! The presenters all worked very hard to bring us exciting sessions that were inspirational as well as useful (Great Job Bev, Lance, Scott, Scott, Matt, & Shannon)! I think we can all say that we definately have at least one addition to our bag of tricks for the new school year.

A special thanks to Debbie & Fred from NJN for sharing what public TV resources they have available to teachers & students throughout the state. And, since this is not SecondLife, the event could not have taken place without a venue! So, a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Jennifer & the rest of the Mercer County ETTC for hosting the event & providing invaluable (volunteer) support the entire way through- You guys rock!

Another shout out to the winners of our Trivia Game Tuesday night at Salt Creek Grille who both took home a full set of the Planet Earth DVD series- we all had fun getting to use the remote responders to key in our answers, but you two left us in the dust! Have fun with your DVD’s-

Last but not least, here are the links to all of the resources from the workshop (including the PD hours certificates)- Keep up the good & inspirational work everyone- See you in the DEN 🙂


50 Ways to Use Unitedstreaming

Back to School with Web 2.0



Day of_Discovery_Certificate_august_21.pdf


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  1. Dan Slick said:

    Thanks for a day filled with great information and resources! Scott, great job with the movie maker segment. It will add a new dimension to some of my projects this year.

  2. Kathleen Hannah said:

    I forgot to go online and get a copy of my certificate for attending the workshop at Lawrenceville in August and now the file is no longer available. Can you help me?

  3. Karen Howard said:

    The training was great but you can not print the certificate.

  4. Carmen R. Alexis said:

    The link for the certificates for the August Day of Discovery in Lawrenceville is not functioning. Is there a way to get the certificate via email.

  5. kelly edmonds said:

    I need a copy og the certificate- my school lost it! and the link is down. Help!!!

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