Another Online Photo Editor Site – FotoFlexer

Needless to say, these last few weeks I’ve been, well, hectic-crazy! For the ones that are in my twitterfeed (tom_turner) or I skype/IM with on a regular basis (tom.turner19 for skype, mithrass19 on yahoo; feel free to add me and message me anytime) you know what I’m talking about. Over the next few weeks, it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up as the list just continues to pile up. One of the things that continues to grow and grow is my RSS aggregator. I think I’m up to about 500 articles that I need to get read. I get it down to about 350 and BOOM! It goes back up.

I was able to get through TechCrunch today and saw this article from the 27th of August. Andrew introduced to his readers FotoFlexer – another online photo editing site. As you know, and would agree, we teachers are all about FREE stuff. is one of my new favorite places to go to create stuff, because of it’s functionality with Flickr. I can see myself really liking FotoFlexer as well, as it integrates with Picasa, Flickr and Facebook (ok Yahoo and MySpace as well, but I don’t use those!)

I’ve only perfunctorily used the site so far, I will delve deeper once I get home. I will state the obvious to you Mac users that are out there. I KNOW that you can do this with the iPhoto suite. That was the first thing that I said when I looked at the original images on the TechCrunch website. Someone in the comments even posted to the same effect. Thing is, if your school or district is not 100% on board on the Mac OS platform, why not have any and all tools at your disposal?



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  1. Neene said:

    Thanks for telling us about fotoflex. This is an amazing website.

  2. Michele Futch, FL DEN said:

    Thanks for the great tips! We do not have i-Macs so we do not have such tools readily available.

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