Build it Bigger – September 13, 2007!

That’s right baby we’re back with a whole new series of Discovery Connections!

During these webinars participants interacted with the Science Channel and Planet Earth producers and received a behind the scenes look at how it was all put together.

On September 13, 2007 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time we resume our Discovery Connection series. During this webinar we’ll have a live conversation with Danny Forster, the host and talent of Build It BiggerDanny_forster

He will provide an exclusive glimpse at the show behind the show. Danny’s presentation is perfect for  teachers to share with their students and there will be ample opportunities for him to answer your questions. 

In fact, we’re collecting questions now!  Please post your questions as comments to this blog.  All questions will be featured and answered in the presentation!

We have added a new feature to our Discovery Connect webinars to make it easier for you to share the event with students.  The audio from the teleconference will be sent through your computer speakers as well. This should make it simple to amplify for a classroom or auditorium. If your students would like to be able to ask questions live, a telephone connection will still be required.

Danny’s Discovery Connect will be limited to 200 virtual seats, so register early! Note: Even though you may have many students in a classroom, each classroom is considered a single seat.

Click here to register for this webinar
.  While you’re there, don’t forget to browse through our list of upcoming webinars to find others that might interest you.

The past two Discovery Connection Webinars (one with a producer of Planet Earth and one with a producer of the Science Channel) reached just over 1000 participants each.  These participants included teachers and their classrooms from across the country. 

Make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this one!


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