DESC Summer Institute Wrap Up

Desc_si_6It has been almost two weeks since we wrapped up the first ever Discovery Education Science Connection Summer Institute and I am still feeling the excitement of those four days in Valley Forge.  Desc_si_7
We had a great group of educators from all over the country who made it a fun and funny time. 

Our special guest, Mr. Wizard IV, was a huge hit and we hope to do more with Jake in the future.  His presentation was very thought-provoking, inspiring and timely as a new school year begins for teachers across the country.  Desc_si_4
It’s always a good thing to get adults to stick a balloon on their foreheads, Desc_si_5
or see a smoke ring (or 30) travel through the dining hall, or even start a controlled fire for a great photo opp. 

Our STAR Discovery Educator bloggers will begin their regular posts in the coming month to show how off the creative ways they are implementing DESC in their schools.  Desc_si_1
Many, many good things to come on the Science blog.  Stay tuned!


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