Student data notebooks

Our first ThinkLink assessment of the 0708 school year is well under way.  This is our second year with ThinkLink Lanugage Arts and Math, and we look forward to giving our first Science assessment in the near future.

Our teachers use data notebooks as a way to keep all assessment information in one place.  This allows teachers to make instructional decisions based on multiple sources of student data.  This year we would like to have each student at grades 3-5 keep a personal data notebook as well in order to track individual progress.   Students will be responsible for charting such information such as ThinkLink proficiency levels and Oral Reading Fluency and for completing checklists of math skills.  I would love to hear suggestions or comments from those who have used student data notebooks.




  1. MarshiaA said:

    We do not have a notebook in place as yet, but I will mention it to the 3rd-5th grade teachers. Great idea!

    I have been keeping a log with an open chart and having the computer lab assistant help me record weekly progress. As my students are second graders, this does provide a way of tracking results without the student’s involvement. I don’t think they’re quite ready yet!

  2. Donna Neblett said:

    I see great potential when students take responsibility for their own data and become part of the decision making process to improve. Ownership is powerful! Donna

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