We're Back to School, are we Back on Track?

Here in Texas, we all got to spend a little extra time this summer getting ready, right? With the passage of the law that keeps Texas schools from opening until the last week of August, nearly everyone started this Monday. That meant that our summer was a tad bit longer this year. Could you tell?

I have to admit, I was apprehensive about starting school. I’ve come to realize the reason is because I had such a great summer. I started off the summer going on a mission trip with my church, was home for a week, then went on a 10 day vacation with my family to New Mexico and Colorado, was home for a week, then went to the DEN National Institute in the Bahamas. Once I got back from Florida, I spent the rest of July taxiing my five children to all their annual dental checkups, well-child physicals, eye exams, and shopping sprees for school clothes and supplies. August brought with it early professional development at my school for teachers new to the building (which I had to attend), then I was home for a week, and the professional development for all of us started. That means I had a total of three weeks at home this summer (during which I signed up for and attended another 42 hours of professional development!)

Now that we’re back to school, though, and getting into the routine, I’m rediscovering my excitement for teaching and am interested to hear from all of you — Why do you teach?

I had the opportunity to put my two-cents worth in for the Dallas Morning News.  You can read my response to the question here.


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