Assignments, Quizzes, and Writing Prompts Turned In Here

This is an all call to our exemplary DEN STARs….. I am in Idaho getting ready to showcase unitedstreaming and want to show off some of your terrific assignments, quizzes, and writing prompts created in the unitedstreaming builders.

Post a comment and share your student link, created in unitedstreaming, so we can see all the great things you are doing with your classes!


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  1. Gwendolyn Best said:

    The above link leads to a writing promptabout fears. Below is a link to a lesson centered around the story (a video in united streaming based on a children’s book) Sam and the Lucky Money. It includes links to a graphic organizer and a test that wast taken right from the united streaming site.

    Search Weston Woods in United Streaming to find nearly 150 videos based on children’s stories.

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