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I hope that you are all enjoying a fabulous Labor Day weekend and taking a break from the hectic back to school frenzy. But, when you return to school on Tuesday, be sure to be watching your email! There will be a big announcement from the AZ DEN regarding an upcoming event. So, watch for the email on Tuesday and if that somehow misses you, stay tuned to the blog for more information on Wednesday. Maybe I’ll give you a few hints…. on second thought I guess you’ll just have to wait ;)!

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  1. Jason said:

    There is something which needs to be made public knowledge to all of us who are in Arizona and a part of DEN. I was speaking with a person from ASSET, because we are in a grant with them. It appears that very shortly, within the next few months, ASSET will no longer exist. Now for some of us, this may not be a big deal, but for others, who may have taken advantage of the plethora of resources which were offered for professional development online, or the great website resources which all housed in one area this is a real shame. What is happening is the Arizona Department of Education is very jealous of the fact so many people continue to use ASSET rather than the IDEAL portal. It is unsure what parts of the ASSET portal will continue to exist maybe under the IDEAL portal, right now to be quite honest, the IDEAL portal has not lived up to it’s hype and will not do so either. ASSET has been a great resource for reasonably costing online professional development, great resources, such as Math Active for students to be able to use as well as the partnership between UnitedStreaming and ASSET. I would encourage all of you who have a vested interest or who have taken any type of class or used a resource from ASSET to write a letter to Cathy Poplin, the deputy Associate Superintendent. Let her know, it is not alright for them to force ASSET to shut down and to keep it continuing. Here is her contact information:
    School Effectiveness
    1535 West Jefferson Street, Bin #8
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007
    Fax: (602) 364-2334

    Cathy Poplin
    Deputy Associate Superintendent for Educational Technology
    (602) 364-1349

    You may even want to write a message to Tom Horne as well, as the whole entire IDEAL portal comes from the ADE, and it was supposed to house all kinds of test data and bed the great site where we could find testing questions, well it deserves a Falls Far Below the Standards, label for not doing what it said and for taking dirty political tactics to close down a great free resource which many have come to rely upon heavily! Please take action!

  2. Vicki said:

    Wow – I work for ASSET and didn’t hear this same message. I checked with our director for some clarification:
    ASSET has been and will continue to be the educational unit for Eight Public Television at Arizona State University. ASSET services will continue to evolve, depending on the projects with which we are involved. ASSET services have never been free. Up until two years ago school districts, over half in the state, made site based decisions to pay a membership fee to receive ASSET services. For the past two years, the Arizona Department of Education paid for ASSET services on behalf of all public and charter schools in the state through IDEAL. We are currently working with the ASU University Technology Office to reduce technology costs for IDEAL by migrating many of the ASSET online resources to the IDEAL infrastructure. Many of the favorite resources you have grown to appreciate, including unitedstreaming, will be available directly from IDEAL in the near future.

    Debra Lorenzen

    Executive Director-ASSET

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