More on Tracking Student Progress

Hello everyone;

Our first ThinkLink results are in! The teachers at our school have been excitedly analyzing their students’ scores and comparing notes with previous teachers about individual student concerns and successes.  For the most part, the ThinkLink reports were more positive for the majority of my second graders than some other assessments in Language Arts and Math that I had been collecting!  Now, I feel I have rich support to guide my weekly lesson planning and instruction.

After meeting by grade level last week, teachers at our school began working collaboratively, compiling lists of students that scored novice or apprentice in specific subskills.  Since I work with younger students, I’d appreciate hearing how some of you are beginning to track your students’ growth as they progress during the year.




  1. Donna Neblett said:

    Student achievement often feels like a mountainous task until you are able to gather data that is sorted so that classroom teachers have a real plan for accomplishment. Knowledge (data) is power!

  2. John Bormann said:

    I track my students (Grades 5-8 Science) throughout a unit of study in the following manner:

    1. I give the students 3-4 questions at the beginning of a unit that focus on the main ideas of the unit.

    2. They respond to the best of their ability.

    3. I collect and record the status of their answers as limited, emerging, satisfactory, and exceeds. I give them some positive feedback.

    4. Every two or three days I ask them to add or change their original answers or respond to my feedback.

    5. The cycle allows me to see how their answers mature as we go through the lessons and also points out their misconceptions.

    6. This cycle will occur (with the same original paper) until I feel they have moved into the satisfactory or exceeds category.

    7. Then, and only then, do I administer a graded quiz or assignment or performance task for the records.

    The students really enjoy the one-to-one feedback and the privacy of the feedback. The stress of tests and always getting the answer correct has dissapated. I also get to see their divergence in thinking, which is where there true understandings and talents are exposed.

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