IL DEN September Newsletter

I can’t believe we are beginning our fourth week of school
tomorrow. It has been an exciting and interesting start to my school year. I
broke my foot two days before school started but I was stubborn enough to start
along with my first graders. I couldn’t stand the thought of handing them over
to someone else for the first few days. Hopefully, your year is going great!

We would like to welcome two new Start Discovery Educators
this month. Welcome aboard to Sara Lasica of Wood Dale and Tom Jackson of Crystal Lake.

Along with a new year Discovery has a new look. I think you
will find it very user friendly as well as a great layout. You can now use this
address to link to any Discovery/United Streaming subscriptions your school

Just log in with
your username and password and you are set to go. You will find a bar at the top
which shows the different areas of discovery to which you have access. This way
you can link to United Streaming as well as the Educator Network all from the
same homepage.

Discovery is hosting a Webinar on Thursday, September 13th
with Danny Forster host of Build It Bigger. Check out the details and see how
to sign your class up to participate here:

Our Illinois DEN is planning a get together at the Illinois
Education and Technology Conference in


in November. The event will take place on Thursday evening November 15th.
Watch for more details to follow. If you are planning to attend the conference
drop me a note. I hope to meet many of you there!

I know that many of you are using Discovery and United
Streaming in varied and unique ways in your classrooms. If you know of someone
or you have an idea to share, PLEASE forward them to me so we can include them
in future newsletters.

Have a great September!

Melanie Corn


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