Can You 'Build it Bigger'? We did…in SL

In order to promote the upcoming ‘Building It Bigger’ webinar on September 13th, our DEN in SL LC Chair, Riptide Furse create this towering structure outside the DEN in SL Headquarters.

Now that you’re sufficiently impressed (I know I was!), here’s a little more information about the upcoming webinar….

Build It Bigger with Danny Forster! 

As host of Build It Bigger, it is Danny’s great honor to give Discovery Channel viewers a closer look at some of the world’s largest engineering projects — from the Arizona Cardinals stadium to the tallest building in Madrid. Given his morbid fear of heights and his healthy suspicion of giant stone crushers, though, it’s just not always his great pleasure.

From New Orleans to South Korea, Russia to Spain and even aircraft carriers in undisclosed locations, Danny has been behind the scenes of the biggest construction sites around the world.  On Thursday, September 13th at 1pm EST, he will be sharing his stories with you!

This webinar will be a live conversation with Danny, the host of Build It Bigger.  He will provide an exclusive glimpse at the show behind the show.  The presentation is perfect for  teachers to share with their students and there will be ample opportunities for him to answer questions.  We have added a new feature to our Discovery Connect webinars to make it easier for you to share the event with students.  The audio from the teleconference will be sent through your computer speakers as well. This should make it simple to amplify for a classroom or auditorium. If your students would like to be able to ask questions live, a telephone connection will still be required though.

Danny’s Discovery Connect will be limited to 200 seats, so register early!

Click here to register for this webinar
.  While you’re there, don’t forget to browse through our list of upcoming webinars to find others that might interest you.

SLip (Second Life Tip):

If you see a bunch of green dots on your mini-map (green dots indicate avatars), did you know that you can click on ^Maps^, mouse over the stack of green dots, hold your mouse there and you’ll be given a count of the number of avatars present.  Cool, huh?


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