StreamlineSC gets a make-over

We have a new name…. “Discovery Streaming” and a new way to log in…. soon you will go to to log in (you actually can right now)  When you log on this way you can see all the products that your district has signed you up for… basically a single sign on 🙂  greyed out should be the products you don’t have and should say something like “sign up for a 30 day trial”  (only if you are interested of course)

So here’s the 2 ways to log in:

You will notice along the top bar that there are tabs for you…. notice that the Educator Network is now there also for the world to see 🙂  (DEN site is making some big improvements also… stay tuned for those)  Everything should be the same…. if you click “My DE” off the top tab you will be linked to all the products you may have or you will be able to sign up for trials….

And STAR Educators remember you have access to extras on Discovery Streaming through the 07-08 school year. 

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