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If you get a chance to check out the fall issue of Education Week’s Digital Directions magazine, please look for article “Wiki Wisdom.” Fellow Pennsylvania STAR Discovery Educator, Kristin Hokanson, and I were among several educators interviewed for this article. The article explores professional use of wikis by educators.

I had suggested a few caveats when using wikis with students or other educators. Here are some of those integration tips for wikis from the article:

1. Make use of the feature that alerts a wiki manager that changes have been made to the wiki. Check regularly to see what changes have been made and by whom.

2. Determine whether your wiki should be accessible to the public or be limited to a defined group.

3. Be aware of copyright and licensing issues when posting other people’s work.

4. Emphasize “digital professionalism” to the community that can add content to, dit, or otherwise revise your wiki to remind users that it is a document many other people will see. Talk about and make clear what is, and is not, acceptable on the wiki.

5. Especially when using wikis with students, take steps to prevent users from posting personal information that would reveal their identities.

You can visit Kristin’s The Connected Classroom wiki that she uses with her teachers as a CFF Coach as well as with Keystone Technology Integrators at the annual summits and many, many others through her regional and conference presentations. I use wikis to extend student learning in my Online Connections course as well as to provide ongoing support for educators in my professional development workshops and regional and conference presentations.

So, when you have the opportunity, please check out the article and offer some of your suggestions for ways that you have used wikis with your students or colleagues.

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