EVENT – Meerkat Mondays

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OK….you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY MUST save these dates and times.


Monday (of course, that’s why we called it Meerkat ‘Mondays’!), September 17th

Monday, September 24th

Monday, October 1st

ALWAYS at 5 p.m. SLT (that would be 8 p.m. EST)

OK, now you’ve save the date, marked it on your calendar, saved it to your PDA, stuck a post-it on the fridge…and you’re wondering WHY????

DEN in SL is promoting the FABULOUS Meerkat Manor (I’m sure you got the envelope filled w/ goodies — poster, CD, etc. in the mail at the beginning of the school year) series.  For the next three Mondays we will be showing shows from Season 1.  WHY ELSE?  Well, if that wasn’t enough to entice you…we’re also having a ‘Meerkat Hunt’, where you’ll wear a HUD (Heads Up Display) with clues and grids to find meerkats located all over EduIsland II based on some pretty creative clues.  WHY ELSE?  Geez, this is a tough crowd!  If that’s not enough, then check these out!

Check out what they can do….(so far!):

  • two sizes one on the ground and one you wear on the shoulder
  • they play a sound when clicked on
  • the owner can name them
  • they will speak in chat based on what the owner tells it to say. For instance if the owner names theirs Flower, it would say “Flower says Beth is a great person to work with”
  • they blink their eyes
  • one is wearable the other is land based but follows the owner

Six of these ADORABLE creatures will be given out as prizes on each of the three Mondays.  Now if that’s not enough to have you in-world, well….WOOT!!!! I MIGHT NOW HAVE A BETTER CHANCE AT WINNING ONE OF THESE CREATURES!!!!! LOL

SAVE THE DATE:  October 3, 2007

Sign up here.

All of this is in preparation for the Webinar featuring Discovery Connect Mick Kaczorowski of Meerkat Manor.  This webinar will be featuring Mick Kaczorowski, Executive Producer for the much loved Animal Planet series Meerkat Manor. He’ll be sharing stories from the set in Africa, where 37 Meerkats have become the most unusual reality stars on television!

SLip (Second Life Tip):

If you see a bunch of green dots on your mini-map (green dots indicate avatars), did you know that you can click on ^Maps^, mouse over the stack of green dots, hold your mouse there and you’ll be given a count of the number of avatars present.  Cool, huh?


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