First 'Meerkat Monday' a Hit!

I just left Second Life (literally seconds ago) and I think all would agree that despite our inability to show an episode from Meerkat Manor and despite the terrible lag a good time was had by all.  In addition to receiving special, one-of-a-kind Meerkat t-shirts (heh, if you didn’t get yours, just show up next Monday!) and starting the Meerkat Find (a HUD game), a raffle was conducted near the end of the evening with the following winners:

Winners of the LARGE meerkats (they walk, they talk, well…you get the idea!):

Warper Overdrive

Zenz Zenovka

Ansa Sautereau

Winners of the shoulder meerkats (they hang out on your shoulder, they talk….my favorite BTW):

Vita Demina

Teacher Spitteler

Clare Lane

Congrats to the winners…you’ve been given your meerkats already.  PLEASE be sure to read the notecard that accompanied the meerkats…they’ll tell you how to care for your new pets….

Hope to see even more of you next Monday for……………..(drumroll please………………..) ‘Meerkat Monday in DEN in SL’!


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  1. Glenda Jenkins said:

    ok…someone has got to fill me in on this! I guess I’ve been out of the circle to much.

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