Boot Camp

img_2203.jpgDrop and give me a close-up, a reverse angle, and don’t forget the rule of thirds, maggot! Well, I wasn’t quite that demanding yesterday out in Harrisburg, PA, but it really was the second annual boot camp for technology coaches in the Keystone state’s Classrooms for the Future program. I got to spend the day makin’ movies AFI Lights! Camera! Education! style with Cohort 2, the second year veterans. What a fun group! And what fun they had with the door scene! They came up with some very interesting scenarios and shot angles for the confused and challenged actors to make their way from one side of a door to the other. I’d share more, but I promised – what gets filmed in Harrisburg, stays in Harrisburg. Let’s just say their was a common theme of very basic human relief.

afi_se_logorev.gif     And for you “graduates” of any of the recent LCE! trainings, associate AFI Screen Ed director and good buddy, Frank Guttler, is putting together an email list to keep people in touch with the program and offer tips for using the AFI’s resources. He assures me that they won’t sell the names or spam. Nor will you be getting fundraising calls from Al Pacino or Scarlett Johansson (darn!). Drop Frank a line ( if you’d like to join our LCE! alumni email group.

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