Travel Channel Academy

Learn Digital Filmmaking from the Pros at the Travel Channel
Learn. Shoot. Earn.

  • Do you want a chance to share your experiences with people around the world?
  • Are you passionate about places you’ve been or things you’ve seen?
  • Do you want to learn filmmaking from people who actually make a living doing it?

At Travel Channel, we share our stories with more than 90 million households across America.
Now, it’s your chance to get involved with us – to learn the art and science of digital filmmaking, and open up a possibility to share yourstories on our television, online and mobile platforms. We’ll teach you how to produce your videos in just 4 days.

Introducing Travel Channel Academy – the only professional-grade, travel-focused digital filmmaking bootcamp on the planet.

Students who sign up for our course will receive:

  • Valuable filmmaking skills that will propel your creative and career ambitions
  • Hands-on training from industry experts with decades of experience teaching the art of storytelling, production and editing
  • Direct contact with the executive producers of such hit shows as Bizarre Foods, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, Most Haunted Live, Trauma: Life in the E.R., Police Force, Made in America and Flip That House
  • A chance to share your work with millions of viewers on Travel Channel and
  • An opportunity to get paid for your work after course graduation*
  • The chance to be discovered…as a Travel Channel on-air personality. It’s happened already to people such as Tiffany Burnett, Shane Reynolds and Ronnie Miller.

To register, visit today.

*If your work meets Travel Channel’s standards and we elect to use it, we will pay you for it.


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