Calling On PA For Support

Regular readers of my cliotech blog and of the DEN PA blog may be noticing Anthony Armstrong‘s name popping up pretty frequently. That is because our classes are working towards some collaborative projects this year. It has been a pretty exciting process linking my classes – in Pennsylvania – with his – in South Korea.

Anthony’s school, the Korea International School, is moving to 1:1 in their middle level courses. Next Wednesday, Anthony is presenting to his faculty in preparation for that shift. He is seeking exemplars to showcase in his presentation. I think that the PA DEN is the perfect spot for him to look as hundreds of Discovery Educators have been innovating their practice through the Classrooms for the Future grants and personal commitment to 21st century learning.

If you are among those classrooms who have been engaging students and extending their learning through the integration of educational technologies, especially Web 2.0, please leave a comment on Anthony’s blog so that he may motivate his faculty by showcasing your successes.

Thanks to all who can offer some support and suggestions for Anthony.

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