Final Meerkat Monday

Well it’s been a great run…Three Meerkat Mondays in DEN in SL.  Trivia games and raffled walking and shoulder meerkats were among some of the highlights of these gatherings.  This evening the raffle had the added bonus of a couple of costumes being raffled off (in anticipation of the upcoming Costume/Halloween Party being hosted at none other than DEN in SL on October 28th — so MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!!!).

Winners of the Costumes:

Peyton Merlin and Thonalon Umarov

Winner of large, walking, talking meerkats:

Veta Demina, Clare Lane, and Bloodsong Termagant

Winners of shoulder talking meerkats:

Smokster Whitfield, Faythe Fouroux, and Enob Mills

Awaiting the start of the Trivia Game:
Oct 1_001

Bloodsong Termagant rakes in the answers…and the L$!!!
Oct 1_003

Contestants eagerly awaiting the next trivia questionOct 1_007

And I’d like to do a final ‘shout out’ to John Leach for allowing me to use his image of a meerkat on the t-shirts we created for this special event!
Meerkat t-shirt front_001

Just had to add this Animoto slideshow with photos from Riptide Furse:



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