Meerkat Manor Webinar is tomorrow! Got Questions?

It’s not too late to sign up for the Discovery Connect featuring Meerkat Manor! Mick Kaczorowski will be giving us the inside scoop about one of the most innovative shows in television today. This is a perfect webinar to attend with students of all ages. Your students will even have the chance to ask Mick, Senior Executive Producer of Animal Planet, questions about the show, the upcoming movie or anything else that they might want to know about Meerkat Manor!

Do some brainstorming with your students before the webinar.  If there’s any questions that you’d like to have answered, leave them here as a comment and I’ll make sure Mick answers them.

Register now!


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One Comment;

  1. Sonja Phillips said:

    Does the webinar require having a phone or will computer speakers work?

    I do not have access to a phone near a computer but would really enjoy participating in some of these.


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