Mosaickr: Everybody loves a mosaic!

I gotta tell you, ever since I saw my first photomosaic, I’ve been in love with them. Stand back and you see an image. Zoom in and you see it’s actually made up of hundreds of teeny tiny related images. Incredibly cool.

I just found a new site called Mosaickr that let’s you create your own in just a few minutes! Couldn’t be easier, especially if you have Flickr. Just link it up to your Flickr account, choose your master image, choose what images you want it to be made up from and let it work its magic. I chose a photo of Aiden (no surprise there) and then picked out a few photosets of him for it to draw upon. To make a ‘large’ mosaic, it requested that I submit 300-500 photos. It’ll grab photos at random though if you don’t want to pick them all out by hand. After a few minutes of processing, voila! You have a photomosaic.

I started with this photo:

and got this mosaic of it!

Free Image Hosting at

It’s a little small, but every image in there is a photo of Aiden. Neat, eh? I could also order a high res copy for .99 Euros (about a buck) or order a poster of it. It’ll even give you a list of all the photos that it’s made up of.

Classroom idea: Let your students go nuts with the digital camera. Have each student take 20 photos of something. Then take all the collective photos, and make a photomosaic from it! Have your students take 400 photos of triangles, and create a mosaic of a giant triangle. If you’re studying colors or rainbows, assign kids to wear different colors for a day and then take pictures of them throughout the entire day. Then use those photos to create a mosaic color chart or rainbow!

Got any ideas of your own? Share a comment!


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  1. Joe Brennan said:

    Now that’s pretty cool! And those are great ideas for projects, too. What’s really amazing, though, is that you had so many pictures of Aiden 😉

  2. Teryl Magee said:

    Okay…this looks like fun! I think we can go wild with it. Hmm…where to start? Studying simple machines in science right now. We also just finished a study of the solar system. Thanks Steve!

  3. Karen C. Seddon said:

    What a great tool, Steve. I made one of sunrises. I only had about 60 pictures in Flickr and just kept using them over and over and it still made a great mosaic. Very fun. Thanks!

  4. Susan said:

    Thanks for the cool new toy. And even larger thanks for giving math props with the triangle idea! I always look forward to your blogs because you are “out there” looking for new stuff to share. You are appreciated!

  5. Peggy Fulmer said:

    I am trying to find out how to contact Mosaickr. Do you have an email address or phone number so I can ask a question?

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