Staying In Touch

I recently discovered by accident that my Google Talk account works at school as long as the client has been downloaded to my computer.  All other attempts at IMing has been blocked by our filters.  As a result, some of our teachers are doing the same.  This allows us to stay in touch easier while on campus.  Of course, our school isn’t laid out like most schools.  Every team (we are a middle school) is in a separate building.  It is a loooong walk to talk to someone in person!

Then it dawned on me that as a TN DEN community we are not using our own technology to stay in touch either.  There are two things that work from schools of which I am aware.  As I mentioned, Google Talk works if the program is downloaded to your hard drive.  Also, Skype works great!

I’m not going to ask you to post your Google Talk or Skype IDs on this blog.  You may not be comfortable with it being out there for everyone.  However, I’ll take the risk and post my info here.  I invite you to join up with me and let’s use these tools to collaborate online (not just gossip people!).  We can talk about what we are doing in our classes, set up meeting times for several to get together, plan training sessions, share resources….the sky’s the limit!

You can find me here:

 Google Talk ID:   tchilders.den

Skype ID:    tim.den

Add me to your contacts and give me a shout.  Let’s put the Network back in Discovery Educator Network in TN!  Not in TN?  Hey, we’re an equal opportunity state.  Join us anyway!  See you in the chat.


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Look my up on skype as teryl_magee
    Karla Halcomb from the TN LC and Diana Laufenberg from AZ having been keeping in touch well this way and doing some great tech. thinking! Come and join us!

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