Thanks to All Who Made Meerkat Mondays Possible

I’d like to use this post to thank those who were generous with their time and designs: 

Deborah Defarge and Don Bricklin of Paradise Pets & Aquatics – designed the pet meerkats, both shoulder and large. Also created the Meerkat Puzzle and Meerkat Trivia Machine.

Gellan Glenelg – created the ‘Find The Meerkats’ exclusively for us.

PaulC Beck of – designed the ‘Follow Me Meerkat’ that was given out to those who completed
the ‘Find the Meerkats’ game.

Vjjujub Singh found the meerkat sound that went into the pets.

And of course it couldn’t have been made possible without the INCREDIBLE teamwork of the DEN in SL Leadership Council.  We are one HELLUVA team and I am PROUD to be a part of it!!!  Here’s a ‘finger’ to the DEN in SL LC!!!


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