STAR Status Update

Last September we introduced a new level of membership in the DEN – STAR Discovery Educator. STAR status is used to recognize and reward the most active participants in the community. STAR Discovery Educators receive all sorts of additional benefits. They can order free training materials, set up their own blogs on our new DEN website, download resources shared by their fellow STARs, attend special events like the DEN National Institutes, participate in exclusive promotions and contests, and more!

In order to maintain this special status STAR Discovery Educators are asked to demonstrate their activity by reporting at least two events per school year.

If you became a Discovery Educator before September 1, 2006 and have not yet reported your events for the 2006-2007 school year, you will be receiving several reminders via email as well as an “old-fashioned” letter in the mail.

You will have until November 23, 2007 to get those events reported to maintain your STAR status for this year.

To report an event, just visit:

If you have any questions regarding your STAR status, please email us at


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    I saw my “star” on the new website, even inputted more reports of events of professional developments I have led. I just got back on today to check the new website per my recent DEN newsletter, and my star is gone again. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Kathryn Odell said:

    I just tried clicking on the report event link (above) and got a Page not found error. Can you please email me when this is fixed? Thanks!

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